Monday, April 29, 2013

Decade study - the 1970s

We will be looking at some videos from the 1970s. Some news, some advertisments, and we will be using them to answer some inquiry questions.

Clip 1: News Events of the 1970s  (1m15s)

Clip 2:  TAA Advertisement (1972) (28s)

Clip 3:  Uncle Sam Deodorant Commercial (38s)

Clip 4: McDonalds advertisement

Clip 5: Channel 7 "Colour your world" station ident, 1976

Clip 6: Cox Southern Motors ad (1978), (1m)

Clip 7: Tronic Tape ad (1978 - John Laws)

Clip 8: The dismissal of the Whitlam Government (5 minutes)

Clip 9: A selection of 1970s popular music

Clip 10: Vietnam War protest in Melbourne, 1971 (3m)

If time remains, we can fill the lesson with other 1970s themed videos from this excellent YouTube Playlist: